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Have Pride in Your Jacket

love it. live it.

2/11/09 04:12 pm - suicivilized - freedom, its worth a chance

What You Think?
Want a bit more say?
Or just a bit more peace?

We need your perspective to create the most accurate view of reality, and to get the best ideas for the future.


Let us know.

11/18/08 05:59 pm - automatism - pyramid studs and spikes?

does anyone know of a good online retailer who sells affordable pyramid studs and spikes? i just thrifted a very new looking denim vest and want to make it look super nice when i stencil it up! usually i just sew soda pop-tops and the occasional computer keyboard keys on things but this time i'd like something a bit nicer.

8/15/08 05:09 pm - imaginaryfri3nd

here's one of my vests........yeah

just look under the cut

8/15/08 04:55 pm - imaginaryfri3nd

here's a jacket i've been working on and changing for a year and a half. I've finally got how i want it, though, the back seems unfinnished still

2/6/08 04:33 am - wicked_fuwby - jacket for sale

im selling a leather bikers  jacket i bought but was 2 big 4 me and i took the tags off by mistake its never been worn its a size 44 im selling it cheap 
check it out 


7/1/07 08:04 pm - belalagousi - Jacet Updates (X-Posted to Dark Gear)

I posted pics of my jacket (and another that I had made for a friend.)   I got bored an updated mine again.  I have taken the Bauhaus T-Shirt  that was on the back off, and started a Peace/Anarchy sign, originally meant to be a Market Anarchy sign, but it is off center so I need repaint it and will probably do something else. See behind the cut)
I also added a skull and crossbones sleeve and a bat logo. (trying to decide if I want to turn this into a Specimen or a Batmobile logo, any suggestions?)Front

4/10/07 09:24 am - missy_b - thought the members of this community might have something to contribute to this...

I’m currently compiling a photo feature for the UK’s Alt-Fashion magazine (the title is
probably quite self-explanatory, but see www.altfashion.co.uk for more details) which is
set to include a spread of heavily customised, highly unique jackets along with notes from
their owners / creators on their construction and the stories they could tell.

If you sport a badge-encrusted, saftey-pin secured leather that has survived since the 70s,
favour patched up and painted DIY denims, or own some even more original item of
hand-finished outerwear I would love to hear from you! To get involved please send a
clear photo to bubblegumslutzine@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you with some further
info and a quick Q & A!

2/27/07 09:17 pm - hammerforge

Left to my own devices while my girlfriend is on the road, I have been rebuild/decorating my leather jacket in between homework and tesla coil design. THis jacket appeared in an earlier incarnation on this board, but has seen many changes since. It is a work in progress, but currently on hiatius untill I figure out what the fuck I have done with my paint pen.  Not having anyone handty to take pictures, my punching bag has agreed to model in them...

1/17/07 05:19 am - hammerforge - postsplosion

Little known fact...some punks can't paint. Not to save their lives...

11/8/06 02:58 am - bonamoz - go easy on me, it's my first post here...!

I had a really neat jacket for years and years...I only just started studding it, then it was stolen. So, I recently bought a new one and I am starting over. The leather on my old one was crappy (like everything from Wilson's), but soft - it was WELL worn it. The only way I could find to do it was to rip the liner open and sew it back together when I was done, so the prongs wouldn't catch on my hair, clothes, etc. I've talked to a few people and they had all stuck the prongs right through the liner, creating the mess I didn't want to deal with.

So, looking for tips online tonight (due to a lack of people I know who have put studs on their coats), I found this tool. Now, I have the kind with the wheely-thing that makes the round holes (like a paper hole puncher - and it is a pain in the arse to work with, for me anyway... I was thinking that the 'stud setting tool' that I found earlier might work better. A customer review on the website that has the thing said that the blades bent when they were using it. My jacket is newer made of tough leather, so I am afraid that if I get this thing it might not work. I don't want to use a razorblade, either, because the slits end up too big and I kind of cut my finger wide open last time I tried to do that... :-P

So, in short...anyone have any tips? Because there is a serious lack of them out there. Not just in a punk sence, either. I'm talking general cowboy stuff as well. Weird.
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